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Thermal Deck is ULC tested and proven to be as much as two times stronger than standard 2x6 wood frame construction.



It is composed of a continuous core of rigid foam insulation laminated between two layers of structural board and provides superior thermal performance.

The panels are laminated at the Sunspace factory, to the size and specifications needed for your job, delivered on site via the local dealer, then assembled using basic tongue and groove techniques, where your choice of flooring can be added.

Carpeting, Laminate or Hardwood.

Thermal Decking

Traditional Pressure Treated Deck

It is said that with the proper maintenance, a pressure treated deck, can last as long as fourty years.



It is more affordable than

Cedar or Composite decking



Annual Maintenance.

  • If not maintained a pressure treated deck will turn colour to a silver-grey. This is due to the damaging sun's  UV rays. Paint, stain or a clear-coat sealant should always be applied, or the boards will crack after a few years.
  • Once a year you should use a deck wash, (perferably with a pressure washer)  to get rid of any soil, flaking paint and yes even mold and algea that have built up.  Let dry. and re-apply your choice of sealant.


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